Arora Chiropractic Services Include:

Spinal Adjustment/Manipulation is a technique specifically intended to correct a misaligned spinal segment. Adjusting the vertebrae restores natural spinal alignment. This often results in a reduction of pain and muscle tension, and an increase of range of motion. Chiropractic adjustments are usually done with the hands, although some techniques, when warranted, can utilize tools such as an activator.
Electrical stimulation uses an electrical current to cause a single muscle or a group of muscles to contract. By placing electrodes on the skin in various locations, one can recruit the appropriate muscle fibers. Contracting the muscle via electrical stimulation helps strengthen the affected muscle. The current setting can be changed to allow for a forceful or gentle muscle contraction. Along with increasing muscle strength, the contraction of the muscle also promotes blood supply to the area that assists in healing.
Ultrasound machines are a treatment modality utilizing high or low frequency sound waves. These sound waves are transmitted to the surrounding tissue and vasculature. They penetrate the muscles to cause deep tissue/muscle warming. This promotes tissue relaxation and therefore, is useful in treating muscle tightness and spasms. The warming effect of the sound waves also cause vessel vasodilatation and increase circulation to the area that assists in healing. The frequency can be adjusted to use waves that will decrease inflammation.
Sports and Physical Rehabilitation is a protocol of treatment or treatments designed to facilitate the process of recovery from injury to as normal a condition as possible.
Sports/School Physicals Arora Chiropractic administers a basic exam for sports and school physicals. Your medical history will be evaluated and a brief exam performed to determine whether it’s safe to participate in sports and go back to school. We do not perform any invasive tests such as blood work.
On-Site Chiropractic Care is something our office has been doing for over 6 years. We are able to take the care we provide in our offices to a company or off-site clinic setting. We have worked with various corporations, big and small, along with other health care providers to bring chiropractic care to the staff and/or patients of that particular office.